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Step 1: Generate ideas

The first step is to screen out good companies from the trash and set up a preliminary stock selection for further analysis.

Step 2: Create your wish list

The second step is to take a closer look at the company. We are looking for quality and we only want to invest in wonderful companies.

Step 3: Estimate the intrinsic value

In the final step, it is time to check whether the price is right to buy the stock. In the eBook, 3 valuation methods are described in detail to estimate the value of a stock.


I have provided all 3 valuation methods as Excel file. You can also use the Excel file as a template for your future analyses.

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Alexander Kelm is a passionate value investor and runs the website Wall St. Nerd. Here, the passionate value investor writes in-depth articles on the topic of Value Investing. Value Investing involves analyzing a company's fundamentals and can be characterized by an intense focus on a stock's price, its intrinsic value and the relationship between the two.

Alexander Kelm offers online courses on stock investing.

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