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The First Post of Wall St. Nerd — Discover the world of stock investing with clear insights. From market trends to in-depth stock analyses, I will guide you on a journey of financial discovery. Whether you are an experienced investor or a curious beginner, I remove the complexities for everyone. Get ready to make informed decisions and explore the dynamic world of stock markets with Wall St. Nerd!


Introduction – The First Post of Wall St. Nerd

Welcome to the first post of Wall St. Nerd! You’re in the right place for informative content about stock investing. In this opening blog post, I want to give you a brief overview of what to expect on my blog in the future and invite you to embark on a journey of financial discovery and knowledge building.

My goal is to remove the complexity of stock investing and the financial world, making them understandable for everyone, whether you are an experienced investor or a curious beginner. I will cover a variety of topics including market trends, sector analysis, and country analysis and in especially detailed stock analysis ranging from blue chips to lesser-known small cap companies.

I warmly invite you to join me on this fascinating journey of learning and discovery. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills as an investor or just starting to explore the world of stock markets, Wall St. Nerd is prepared to offer you valuable insights, tips, and information. The goal is to assist you in making well-informed decisions about your investments.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the stock markets with Wall St. Nerd. Together we will unravel the complexities, debunk myths and discover the companies that will empower you on your financial journey. Look forward to regular updates, and let the financial adventure begin!

Who is Alexander Kelm?

Hey, how are you? I’m Alexander Kelm, the founder of Wall St. Nerd. I come from the heart of Europe, more precisely from the German-Dutch border. Let me briefly share my background and story, and talk about one or two things in more detail.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Saxion University of Applied Science in Enschede, the Netherlands. After graduating, I worked in the financial sector in corporate banking at both major German banks Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank. During this time, I gained extensive experience in the credit business. Based on my banking knowledge, I then moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers, where I worked in the audit department for almost three years. During this phase, I gained a deeper understanding of auditing and an insight into the structures of the world's largest companies.

Even though I had no ambitions to become a certified public accountant, I chose to leave PricewaterhouseCoopers to support young entrepreneurs in my region in developing their businesses. That is how I became a start-up consultant and mentor. I continue to fulfil this role to this day, but more on that in a moment.

… Let's take a short detour to my journey into the world of equities.

In my youth, I always harboured the desire to become an archaeologist and uncover hidden treasures, inspired by my childhood idol Indiana Jones. However, these days I dedicate myself to seeking hidden treasures in a different realm – the financial markets. How did I get into the topic of stocks? In 2008, during the last financial crisis, I was eager to understand what had happened. Through my own analyses and research, I discovered that investment banks had caused a crisis that almost brought our society to the brink of collapse – something everyone is well aware of today. During this critical time, a wise man from Omaha, Nebraska, named Warren Buffett, remained calm and invested in solid companies available at favourable prices. This attitude inspired me to learn more about this man and his investment strategy. I delved into a biography about him and encountered the term "Value Investing" for the first time, along with its founder, Benjamin Graham.

In the early stages of my journey, I had to deal with a few setbacks, especially at the beginning. I made a lot of buying and selling decisions based on emotion or poor research. However, through continuous improvement of my skills, I was able to reverse this trend. I deepened my knowledge through extensive reading of books, analysis of business models, and, most importantly, thorough examination of financial reports. This allowed me to make more informed investment decisions. After a certain period, I had accumulated both the necessary expertise and capital to gradually build my stock portfolio over time.

… Back to my professional world.

As mentioned earlier, I am actively involved in the start-up scene. My personal interests primarily revolve around Edtech, Fintech, and digital business models for the B2B sector. In addition to my role as a start-up consultant for a local coworking space provider, where I mentor up to 15 start-ups, I have also founded two companies myself and made angel investments.

Alongside my business partner, I have established a web development agency specializing in B2B websites and online shops, with a focus on WooCommerce. This agency operates largely autonomously, as we have outsourced development to freelance professionals. This approach allows us to concentrate on business development and engage in other projects, such as myself with Wall St. Nerd. Moreover, I have already achieved a small exit through a corporate investment, enabling me to finance my MBA at the University of Greenwich in London, United Kingdom, which I began in September 2023.

These are some insights into my professional career. I would love to hear from you on LinkedIn.

Why I Founded Wall St. Nerd

Since 2008, I have been investing my savings in the stock markets. Throughout my long investment journey, I have noticed that price movements are ubiquitous – whether it is on my online broker, in the bank, or in the media. Prices, prices, prices. The dilemma: This constant focus on prices creates unrest and tempts emotional reactions such as fear and greed. In the process, we often overlook the fact that stocks are no speculative instruments. In fact, they represent shares in real companies and form the basis of the real economy. In all the content of Wall St. Nerd, I therefore focus on the perspective of an entrepreneurial investor. My goal is to understand shares not just as price movements, but once again as investments in real companies. This perspective motivates me and establishes the core of why I created Wall St. Nerd.

The Mission and Vision of Wall St. Nerd

With Wall St. Nerd, I pursue a clear mission and vision. My mission, "Bring knowledge and investment opportunities together.", means that good investment opportunities can be discovered through acquired financial knowledge. The vision for Wall St. Nerd, "Create the most in-depth stock analyses for the investors of tomorrow.", includes the goal of writing comprehensible stock analyses that everyone can understand.

You can find out more about my mission on the About Page.

How Wall St. Nerd Got Its Name

The creation of the name "Wall St. Nerd" was actually a rather straightforward process. I sat down at my desk, took out a pen and paper from the drawer, and began jotting down various names and combinations. I then checked whether the respective names were still available as .com domains. After a while, I had not come up with anything particularly interesting or creative.

In a moment of inspiration, I saw a photo of the Wall St. subway station. That was the first step towards finding a name. Unfortunately, the name "Wall St. Journal" was already taken – a curious detail 😊. Since my friends often referred to me as a stock nerd, the idea for the name "Wall St. Nerd" came to me. Fortunately, the domain was still available. That is how the name "Wall St. Nerd" came about, in a relatively simple way. Yes, I know it is not exactly a Disney story, but sometimes the best ideas come about unexpectedly. 😊

Issues in the Financial Education Sector

In the Western world, there is a noticeable trend towards financial education, with Generation Z showing a particular interest in this subject and even investing in financial markets. Unfortunately, significant knowledge gaps in finance and economics are evident in this age group. Educational institutions such as schools and universities hardly pay any attention to this crucial topic.

It is apparent that individuals without access to education fare worse in financial matters compared to those with higher levels of education—with a few exceptions. This is where Wall St. Nerd comes in, aiming to bridge this gap and aligning itself with the clear mission of "Bring Knowledge And Investment Opportunities Together." The goal is to provide people with understandable financial education, thereby creating a broader foundation for financial literacy.

How Can Wall St. Nerd Help You?

Wall St. Nerd is your gateway to stock analyses based on the principles of value investing. Delve into in-depth analyses, insightful perspectives and carefully selected content that decode the world of financial markets and enable you to make informed investment decisions. My focus is on comprehensive stock analyses, accompanied by a variety of educational content that will enrich your investment journey. Beyond the numbers, I support you in developing a resilient mind-set crucial for navigating successfully in the ever-changing landscape of financial markets.

For whom is Wall St. Nerd suitable?

Wall St. Nerd is suitable for both individuals and businesses.

You - as an individual.

You strive to make more of your life. The dream of financial freedom so that you have more time for hobbies, friends and family is what drives you. Unfortunately, you don't have a clear starting point to follow this path. The world of the financial markets fascinates you, but you don't want to sift through complex, academic explanations. You've noticed that a lot of online content is geared towards the US market, which doesn't seem particularly helpful to you as someone living in Europe or elsewhere in the world. Above all, you would like the opportunity to discuss financial topics in a group and share experiences with like-minded people. Other goals include creating an additional source of income and gaining advanced knowledge in the areas of investment and entrepreneurship.

You - as a business.

You strive to increase the well-being of your employees, promote their professional development, and simultaneously enhance the attractiveness of your company for potential hires. However, given the multitude of available programs, you find it challenging to identify the optimal solution. Your primary goal is to have a dedicated and satisfied workforce that is both financially and emotionally stable. Ultimately, you aim to present yourself as an employer with unique benefits and stand out from the competition.

However, your interests go beyond employee satisfaction – as an entrepreneur, you also want to personally benefit from Wall St. Nerd. The opportunity to invest in other businesses and profitably deploy your unused capital is of interest to you. In this context, Wall St. Nerd provides an ideal opportunity to promote both employee commitment and your own entrepreneurial ambitions.

Final Thoughts - The First Post of Wall St. Nerd

We have already had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. It would be extremely gratifying for me if we could continue our journey together in the future. Topics such as stocks, entrepreneurship, investments, financial independence, and the like are fascinating areas that we can all engage in intense discussions about. Through collective efforts, we can support each other and create something significant. I look forward expectantly to a shared future.

See you soon! - Alexander.

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