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How Wall St. Nerd can help you.

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A friendly welcome to you. I am glad you found your way to Wall St. Nerd.
You may have come here because you want to be financially free, have more free time or time to do what you've always wanted to do. Or maybe you want to learn more about investing and are looking for better options to invest your money.

If that is the case, then you've come to the right place. My hope is that you achieve all of the above and have fun investing in the meantime - whether it is in real estate, stocks or in your own business.

Value Investors invest in businesses, not just stocks

The value investor or value approach is quite different in some respects from what is typically understood by investing. So what characterises a value investor? What is our investment approach?

How Wall St. Nerd can help you.

That is exactly why I am not only focusing on investing with this blog. Of course, I will write a lot about how to calculate intrinsic value of a company or the return on your portfolio, for example, or what to look out for when you starting an online business.

But it is also very important for me to share my experiences with you and show you how to actually put things into practice. From my own experience, I know that for most of us, sufficient knowledge about a subject is not the problem. Rather, it is often a psychological hurdle that we have to overcome.

I would like to help you with that, too, with the Wall St. Nerd blog

So what does Wall St. Nerd offer in concrete terms?

The right knowledge

A little theory never hurt. That is why I am going to teach you many of the basics of investing as part of my blog. Often, I have modified the "official" evaluation procedures a bit for myself, but a little background is certainly helpful for a better understanding. I will continue to expand the range of topics over time.

At the beginning, the focus will be more on real estate as well as value stocks as investment objects. I think I already know my way around these areas quite well. Later, however, I would also like to try out a few new things like how to start a profitable online business and share them with you here.

The right tools

Over time, I have developed quite well thought-out models, tools and checklists with which I save an extremely large amount of time and keep track of things, too. (Especially if you own an extensive stock portfolio, you can sometimes lose track of things - who is management of the company, when is the next reporting date, etc., what is the current intrinsic value of the company, what are your real transaction costs, etc., etc.). I would like to introduce you to these tools.

Of course, I also use software, apps and online tools from others. Finbox for screening my potential equity investments perhaps the best example. Here, too, I would like to share my strategies with you and show you concrete examples of what is possible.

A small side note: Of course, there is software available for many things. There is software for valuing real estate, software for valuing shares, software for bookkeeping, marketing software and I do not know what else. All these tools are good and very valuable for the right target group, but especially if you are just starting out, e.g. buying your first stock, you do not need to bother with expensive software solutions (for a long time yet). Do it yourself, e.g. in Excel or Google Sheets or with freely available or very cheap apps is often the better alternative at this time.

The right mindset

As already mentioned above, in my experience, our own mindset often plays a bigger role as the knowledge we acquire. Often we still read books on a subject because we tell ourselves that we have not yet accumulated enough knowledge to do anything with it or to take action. I seem to remember a fitting quote by Robert Kiyosaki:

"Every investment teaches you something new!"

Robert Kiyosaki

At the time, I interpreted it like this: Just by reading books or building knowledge in general, we cannot prepare ourselves for all the events that will come our way in relation to our investments (be it real estates, stocks or startups). There are simply too many unknowns in this equation. That is why it makes much more sense to learn along the way, so to speak, namely, when things happen.

In addition, after everything I have experienced in the meantime with my equity investments and online businesses, I can only confirm that.

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