How to Start Investing as Wall St. Nerd

What is investing, and how can you implement investment strategies that work for your wealth building? Find examples, best practices and mistakes to avoid on this page!


How to invest like Wall St. nerd

How to Invest Wisely

We all know that when it comes to saving and investing, it's "the sooner, the better", but also that only fools go for it. We live in an increasingly complex world, which is especially evident when it comes to growing your money. On this page, we take a look at three asset classes in particular that I personally invest in.

It is particularly important to look deeper into the subject and make your choice wisely, especially at the beginning.

Here, the quote from Warren Buffett fits like a glove: 

"Never invest in a business you cannot understand." - Warren Buffett

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What Buffett says here about companies also applies to all other investment assets. One of the main reasons people lose money when they invest is that they invest in assets or companies they don't understand.

Right here you will find all the crisp content about Stock investing (especially the investment strategy Value Investing), REITs, Real Estate Investing, and Angel Investing.


Stock Investing


Value Investing


Real Estate Investing

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