Alexander Kelm

Alexander Kelm is an online entrepreneur,  value investor, and founder of Wall St. Nerd.  

My journey

From naïve beginner to successful stock investor

When I started investing in stocks, I had absolutely no plan on how to pick stocks that would also make me money.
Not exactly helpful were the stupid sayings of the naysayers, which can be summed up like this: Stocks are risky and only insiders make money on the stock market. Unfortunately, I thought the same thing at the beginning and lost a lot of money. Until the penny dropped for me:
"Stop investing in stocks without a plan."
What I was missing was a structured approach and a suitable investment strategy: instead of chasing every trend with the hope of achieving success quickly, I started to design a roadmap to stop losing money on the stock markets.
"Rule No.1: Don't lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget Rule No.1."

So I consistently followed my new simple plan and the positive results were not long in waiting. I recouped my initial losses and built a solid stock portfolio.

The logical next step was to be loyal to my new investment philosophy and not to deviate from it.

This learning process taught me a lot about investing in stocks, but investing without a plan was no longer a solution.

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