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Hi, I'm [Alexander Kelm]!

Dive into my world of equity research, where insightful findings meet a passion for in-depth stock analyses. Let's unravel the complexities of financial markets together.

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I’m based in the heart of Europe, but invest in businesses around the world.

Passionate Investor

I am a dedicated and passionate investor, driven by a deep love for the intricacies of financial markets and a commitment to unravelling investment opportunities.

Experienced Equity Researcher

With a wealth of experience, I bring a seasoned perspective to equity research, providing valuable insights and analyses rooted in sound investment principles.

Effective Communicator

Known for my ability to distil complex financial concepts into accessible insights, I communicate with clarity, making Wall St. Nerd an invaluable resource for both novice and seasoned investors.

Commitment to Financial Literacy

Beyond analyses, I am committed to fostering financial literacy. Through Wall St. Nerd, I empower readers to make informed investment decisions, contributing to a more financially savvy community.

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My Achievements

Successfully navigating diverse markets, I have secured consistent returns, identified lucrative opportunities, and cultivated a resilient, growth-focused investment portfolio.

The Little Story Of [A Big Dream]

During my time at university and also at the Big Four firm, I had built up a mid 5-figures stock portfolio after understanding what kind of business I needed to invest in. Every start is difficult, I failed and lost money, but I got up and learnt from my mistakes. I found out that my biggest problem was my emotions and not analytical or business skills. Getting my emotions under control when the stock market goes crazy was the key to my personal investment success.

Through this surprising success, my stock investing suddenly became a real income stream that led me into the wide world of financial freedom and independence.

Throughout my journey, I met kind, talented and creative people who helped me to grow my understanding of business models and my investing skills. I also realized quite early on that I wanted to help others take control of their financial destiny – and that was the spark that launched Wall St. Nerd.

Wall St. Nerd

I will help you with...

I specialise in providing in-depth stock analyses, offering a wealth of educational content to empower your investment journey. Beyond numbers, I guide you in cultivating the resilient mindset crucial for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets.

In-Depth Stock Analyses

Unlocking the secrets of stocks, providing comprehensive insights for informed investment decisions.


Empowering you with knowledge, demystifying financial complexities, and guiding you towards financial literacy.


Cultivating a resilient and strategic mindset, crucial for navigating the ever-changing landscape of the stock market.

What is Wall St. Nerd?

Wall St. Nerd is your gateway to equity research steeped in the principles of value investing. Dive into meticulous analyses, insightful perspectives, and curated content that demystify financial markets, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

  • Access in-depth analyses rooted in value investing principles, providing a comprehensive understanding of potential investment opportunities.
  • Gain valuable insights into financial markets, trends, and emerging opportunities, empowering you with knowledge to navigate and thrive in the dynamic world of finance.
  • Enjoy carefully selected content that distils complex financial concepts into digestible pieces, making it accessible for both seasoned investors and those new to the world of finance.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about business and investing, fostering discussions, sharing insights, and creating a supportive environment for continuous learning.

Readers rave about Wall St. Nerd's Insightful Stock Analyses!

Alexander can explain perfectly. I didn’t really have a clue about the whole topic before reading, but now I feel like an expert who has known for years!

Lasse k.

I find it very amazing that Alexander is also so open about the mistakes he has made. Unfortunately, you rarely see something like that in the financial world. He is right that you should learn from your own mistakes.

Paula p.
Content Creator

Interesting and well-prepared content. I like the way topics are described. Great work – thank you and looking forward!

Andy G.

Bring Knowledge And Investment Opportunities Together.


“Bring knowledge and investment opportunities together.”

Alexander Kelm
Founder of wall St. Nerd


“Create the most in-depth stock analyses for the investors of tomorrow.”

Alexander Kelm
Founder of Wall St. Nerd

Core Values Of Wall St. Nerd

Financial Symphony - The Wall St. Nerd's Rhythm in Stock Markets

"In the intricate dance of stocks, I find rhythm. On Wall St. Nerd, where market complexities meet my passion for unravelling financial symphonies."

Alexander Kelm
Founder of Wall St. Nerd

At Wall St. Nerd, we are passionate about understanding the financial market in all its facets and providing our clients with high quality and informed insights. We are passionate about supporting the best investment decisions and creating value for our investors.


We believe in the power of education as a driving force for success. At Wall St. Nerd, we are committed to not only continuously training and educating our own team, but also educating our clients on the complexities of the financial market. For us, education is the key to making informed decisions.


Transparency is a core value of Wall St. Nerd. We strive to provide clear and understandable analyses so that our clients understand exactly how we arrive at our recommendations and conclusions. Openness and honesty in communication are essential to us.


At Wall St. Nerd, we constantly strive to develop innovative approaches to equity research. We recognise the dynamic nature of the financial markets and strive to use new methods and technologies to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


We value the individuality of each team member at Wall St. Nerd and believe that diversity of personalities and backgrounds leads to a robust and creative work environment. Our personal connection to our work drives us to deliver world-class analyses and ensure the best service for our clients.

WALL ST. NERD Equity research

My Stock Analyses

On my blog, where I delve into the intricate world of stocks, dissecting both the giants and the hidden gems with small market capitalizations. My goal is to offer readers a panoramic view of the stock market by analysing a diverse range of companies. Here, I don't just spotlight the well-established players; I also provide a stage for lesser-known stocks, unveiling their potential and opportunities. Join me on this journey as we navigate through the financial landscape, ensuring that every stock, whether a heavyweight or a rising star, receives the attention it deserves.


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