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Here you will get new articles on the topic of investing and businesses every week. This includes detailed explanations of how to value investments, ideas about shares and other interesting investments, as well as reviews and summaries of the best investment books and approaches.


Here you can learn all about the tools which I use to evaluate and develop my investments, create online businesses and to measure my own success. You will get lots of valuation models, stock screens, watchlists, checklists etc. to download.


Lack of investment knowledge is often not the issue. Here you will learn how to overcome your psychological hurdles with routines and standardised approaches and thus become more successful and sustainable in your investments.

It is good to learn from your mistakes. It is better to learn from other people's mistakes.

Warren Buffett

The best external resources for Wall St. Nerds

Here are a few links to some external resources that I think are really useful and that I use regularly by myself.

Yahoo Finance

Business news for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. Yahoo Finance breaks down the markets, data and the real-life financial issues for individual investors, industry leaders, and people looking to invest in their future.


finbox.com banner

Finbox is a highly recommendable tool, which I use intensively for my own stock analysis. The available data is very comprehensive (from Standard&Poors) and can be used both in the browser (screener, watchlist, etc.) and in Excel (valuation tool). Really highly recommended! Click here!


SeekingAlpha offers lots of interesting analysis and insights on the stocks in your portfolio. Simply create a watchlist and receive new analysis and updates on your stocks every day.

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